Monday, July 23, 2007

Jessica Rabbit is a welcome addition to Tokyo Disneyland!

There has been a recent surge of interest in Tokyo Disneyland for our Jessica. Special thanks to Robin for use of NEW Jessica merchandise photos.

These new items are more on the stationery side, offering pens, pencils and paper.

There is a metal Jessica bookmark, with Jessica herself outlined in red and ribbon which dangles a small red heart and glittered red kiss.

Two file folders have been released, one with a photo of Jessica sitting, the other of her standing - each surrounded by kisses and hearts and her name nearby.

A glittered Jessica notebook was released, as well as a small Jessica memo pad - each containing her name and photos of her inside.

Something really interesting is the Jessica Business Card (or credit card) Holder - with a red outline of Jessica and complete with its own black carry case that has her name as well.

Lastly we have a Jessica pen - with dangle glittered lips and a picture of Jessica standing and a Mechanical Lead Pencil, with dangle red heart and Jessica's Face - each against a red shiny background.

So far you can only find these in Tokyo Disneyland - or eBay. Get what you can!!!