Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Lady Tremaine Doll A Success

The surprise Lady Tremaine doll released on October 2nd was a big success, selling out within a few hours of release. While people are questioning Disney's liberal use of purple material for the Wicked Stepmothers ample collar - everyone who has her in hand says that the doll is stunning in person. Up close and personal photos (via DRJ1828) show how detailed and well designed this collection is. Yet another testament of why the dolls are so popular and well received. I believe their title is something like the Heirloom Collection, but rumors are buzzing about who else could be released down the line. Peter Pan is scheduled for rerelease in March 2013, with many people wanting Peter, Wendy, or Captain Hook more so than Tinker Bell (who has tons of dolls already available.) There is no set release date for the Who Framed Roger Rabbit 25th Anniversary DVD, but the best guess would be some time during the summer if they are making it a genuine Anniversary commemoration. Could we really be seeing a Jessica Rabbit 17 inch doll made for next year?