Friday, August 26, 2011

Jessica Rabbit Merchandise Review #39 - Double-Sided Mug

Disney started to release a new line of character mugs that were double-sided. The front of the character would be on the front, and the rear of the mug had their... rear! It took a while, but Disney finally released a Jessica Rabbit double-sided mug in 2004-2005.

The color of the mug is a deep royal blue or purple. It's hard to tell, but it's a great color for a Jessica mug. Jessica is on the front and she is emerging from the curtains of the Ink and Paint Club we presume. She's standing in the spotlight and has her usual coy grin. Her face is a bit off here. The lips and eye don't seem as correct as they should be. Her bust also appears to be a little toned down. All the colors are correct though, and the print work on the mug is well done. The mug also has a little dimension to it. So the image is not prited on a flat surface, there are raised areas on both the front and back images.

The back end of the mug does not tone anything down. This kind of mug is not something I suspected to see for Jessica - as it would certainly have to deal with her many curves! They didn't skimp here. The backless dress goes as far down as it dangerously can, and they had no issue with highlighting her back end either. We see over her shoulder where she is facing, and there are lights or camera flashes from her adoring crowd.

These mugs were widely available in all Disney Parks, and I think they may have even ended up on Disney's outlet website for a time. There was also a Roger Rabbit mug that had come out some years before in a light blue color. The mugs go together very well and both of them come up on eBay often.

The Jessica Rabbit Double-Sided Mug gets a 4. It's a great mug that can certainly be used normally and hold up through time. The face could have looked a little better though.

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