Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Ink and Paint Club Preproduction Photo

Here is an Extra Special Exclusive photo behind the scenes at the Ink and Paint Club during Jessica Rabbit's performance. Until now, we have not seen any photos of Jessica's "stand-in" for this scene. Her human stand-in, for at least one scene, was actress Betsy Brantley. I'm not sure if the woman we see here is Betsy, but it gives you some idea just how much we still have not seen when it comes to the creation of Who Framed Roger Rabbit.

Jessica was not drawn over a real woman for the entire movie - as no human could possibly fit her proportions, but for a few seconds in the movie a real woman was required for the hand movements on Marvin Acme's cheeks, lifting Eddie's hat and coat, and grabbing his tie. This actress also served as a guide for the extras sitting around to look at during rehearsals - so when they filmed the real scene and she was not there, the extras could remember where they are supposed to look.

As you will see in the photo below, Eddie's table is set a bit further back from the stage where it is supposed to be - probably to allow room for the camera to move. The actress can be seen directly to the left of Eddie, standing in a tight body suit. It appears the scene being filmed is when Jessica has just been sitting on Eddie's lap and pushed his hat into his face, then gets up to go back on the stage.

Very special thanks to mrhitman on Flickr for this awesome photo.