Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Jessica Rabbit Pin Of The Day #27 - Jessica Rabbit In Desperate Housewives

Title: Flash Back Series Jessica Rabbit in Desperate Housewives
Released: March 6 and 7 2006 at Disneyland's "Disney's Flashback" Event
Price: $5.50
Limited Edition: 2000 Cast Member Pin

Disney honors its then-hit TV shows with four different pins - Mulan in Alias, Jessica Rabbit is Desperate Housewives, Doc in General Hospital and Stitch in Lost. These were Cast Member pins on special backer cards. Jessica is holding a red apple. The card is the neighborhood of Wisteria Lane. The Desperate Housewives logo and Pin 1 of 4 with Jessica's name appear on the card. There were also special promotional flyers and signs for the event featuring each character.