Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Jessica Rabbit Pin Of The Day #14 - Aloha! From Jessica

Title: Aloha! from Jessica
Released: January 19 2003 in the Disneyland Resort and California Adventure
Price: $8.95
Limited Edition: 1500

In 1999 Disney released the Countdown to the Millennium pin series in Disney Stores. The Aloha! from Jessica was the first pin released after that which started her pin popularity in 2003 and marks the official beginning to the Golden Age of Jessica Rabbit pin collecting. Jessica is dressed in a purple bikini top and short grass skirt. This was quite a departure from her usual dress. Jessica and the logo were surrounded by a black border. The slogan next to Jessica reads, Guaranteed Fun - Just Relax! Below that are purple, red and yellow tropical flowers. Jessica sits atop a sign with a purple sky and palm trees, which reads - Aloha! From Jessica. You can read a full review of the pin - CLICK HERE.