Tuesday, January 13, 2015

ImNotBad.com Reaches One Million Page Views

The ImNotBad.com page views have reached
One Million !

I started posting on Jessica Rabbit news in 2003, being one of the biggest fans there is. Over the years so many more Jessica fans have materialized and since that time there have been much to post on - from pins, merchandise, reunions, rumors, fan art, customs, reviews, and her much talked about Disney Park appearance. ImNotBad.com started in 2008 and has now reached over one million pave views. A big Thank You to everyone who visits the site and enjoys reading all about our favorite Toontown Diva. I also appreciate those who contribute and add to the site with news and photos - and especially the artists and creators of Jessica herself who have granted interviews to this site. To learn more about the history of this site and see more artwork and past designs, check out the ABOUT page.