Friday, January 30, 2015

Jessica Rabbit Pin Of The Day #30 - The Brenda White Collection

Title: The Brenda White Collection - Who Framed Roger Rabbit
Released: 1999 through the Disney Catalog and in Disney Parks
Price: $135
Limited Edition: 1000

Many different Roger and Jessica items were released in 1999, one year shy of the movies 10th Anniversary. This Brenda White Collection pin set featured four pins (Jessica, Roger, Benny the Cab and Baby Herman) in a special wood display box with the movie logo engraved on the front. The box was hinged to open so the pins could be removed and there were two wooden dowlings that came with the set inside the box that could be inserted in the back to keep the set upright for display. These designs were based on special Charger plates sold at the 1994 Disneyana Convention and signed by Brenda White. One Artist Proof plate was created with a yellow background. The original Baby Herman pin was changed to remove the cigar in his hand.