Thursday, December 5, 2013

Roger Rabbit Artist Jacques Muller

The Who Wacked Roger Rabbit novel was released a few days ago, and as you might have noticed, although it's an eBook, it was accompanied by some awesome cover artwork. You might say serendipity brought artist Jacques Muller to Gary Wolf at the right time. Gary was looking for an artist for the novel cover, and when he noticed a Facebook page with a picture of Roger and Jessica, he contacted that very person. Not only did Gary have the animation cel he saw in the Facebook profile - but the profile belonged to Jacques - who had actually animated that very scene! Jacques signed on to do the artwork and has given us some great images of the new characters in Toontown.

Musa Publishing gave us more insight on Jacques' work with Disney and info on the new characters with a great article:
Musa Publishing: Jacques Muller, The Actor Behind the Pencil: by Andrea Blundell