Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Pin Release - Jessica December Calendar

The Jessica Rabbit calendar series finished with no big fanfare, or even an announcement. The last two pins released had not been noted on the Disney Soda Fountain Facebook page. The pins were released on Monday December 23rd 2013 and as with the rest of the series are a Limited Edition of 300 and sold for $16.95 each. The usual quarter shot of Jessica Rabbit is on the front of the calendar. The background is a red glitter fill. Jessica's original signature is on the right of the pin. The inside shows Jessica Rabbit celebrating Christmas in front of the tree and holding a large stocking filled with presents. She's wearing a long, flowing red glitter filled gown with white trim and white gloves. The background is white and reads Happy Holidays. The bottom half has the month of December printed on, the days of the week, and the full dates for the month - made like an actual calendar. Christmas is indicated with a candy cane on the calendar. As always, this was a surprise release with no set or scheduled date known to the public.