Monday, September 30, 2013

Pin Preview - Jessica Rabbit As Halloween Series

Halloween creeps in early this year at the Disney Soda Fountain and Studio Store with a new Jessica Rabbit As Halloween Series on Saturday, October 5th 2013. The first character is one we have not seen Jessica dressed as before - Cruella De Vil. Jessica is dressed in the familiar fur coat and holding a purse and long cigarette in one hand. She has a black dress and also the signature black and white hair - though the style of the hair is Jessica's and not Cruella's crazy look. Perdita and Pongo are also next to her on this pin. The next two pins might have people talking - one is Jessica as Maleficent and the other as Ursula. Jessica has already been dressed as these characters before from the Disney Store Collection (Maleficent in 2007 and Ursula in 2009). Both pins sold out very fast and have since been the most sought after Jessica As Halloween pins. Jessica As Maleficent is very different here, she's holding the magic staff and wearing horns, but she is wearing long flowing robes unlike the form-fitting black dress from the 2007 version. There are also the stone wings from Maleficent's throne behind her. Jessica As Ursula is also different, this time she is standing up - in the 2009 version she was sitting. She's wearing a long dress with one leg showing and the dress ending in purple tentacles. There is also a big ocean wave behind her. It's worth noting this pose has been copied from the Jessica Rabbit Medicom statue which has been reused in various artworks online.

There is much speculation that there could be a fourth "Surprise" pin released on this day - though which character Jessica would be dressed as is a mystery. DSF did something similar with the Jessica Dancing series by releasing three and a fourth pin as a surprise release. These pins will sell for $16.95 and are a Limited Edition of 400 each.

(Previous Disney Store Jessica As Maleficent 2007, and Ursula 2009)

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