Saturday, December 15, 2012

Disneyland's Updated Site

Some time ago I noticed the Disneyland web page had revamped and also updated the information to the Roger Rabbit's Car Toon Spin page. On a side note, Benny the Cab had been missing from the ride facade for a time but is now reported to be back in place.

They also added a slide show, and have finally included a great picture of Jessica Rabbit ready to knock out Wheezy Weasel. The page also informs you a little more on the storyline to the ride, in which we see Jessica is an important part of the ride experience.

Roger Rabbit's Car Toon Spin

Get behind the wheel of a run-away cab and spin through Toontown as you follow the hare-raising adventures of Roger Rabbit!

The Set-Up:
As you stand in the queue for a taxi into Toontown, uncover the Weasels' awful plan to kidnap Jessica Rabbit. You can also hang out by the Ink and Paint Club to overhear Jessica Rabbit warning her hubby bunny of the pending plot! And as you listen to the radio of Baby Herman's apartment, learn about the dangers of "Dip" — it's a fluid that's toxic to toons.

The Hijinks:
Hop on a toon cab and embark on a turbulent taxi ride through the streets of Toontown. When your tires hit some "Dip" in the road, they start to dissolve! Your taxi then spins wildly out of control — sometimes with your help as you twist the wheel. And the inanimate objects laugh hysterically at your plight.
Continue on this crazy course until your cab hits the local power plant. Get ready for the ensuing audiovisual wack-stravaganza!

To visit Disneyland's Roger Rabbit Car Toon Spin Page - Click Here.