Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Park Photos - Pleasure Island and Downtown Disney Marketplace

Before The Jessica's Store


Before becoming the Jessica's store, the building housed the Island Depot from 1989 to 1990, which sold Pleasure Island memorabilia and assorted sundries. The building was originally painted yellow and the small sign for the store was a brown luggage suitcase.

It then became the Dick Tracy store around the summer of 1990, selling merchandise from the film. The color of the building stayed the same, the entrance sign was the Dick Tracy logo, and automobiles from the Dick Tracy film were located around the outside. There was even a large standee of Breathless Mahoney - much like that of Jessica Rabbit from the MGM Studios. (photo via

This means the Jessica's store was open less than I had thought. The Jessica Rabbit store was definitely open in winter of 1991, as I was there. It was gone by winter of 1992 when I went to visit again. It's highly possible that the Jessica's store may have only been open around a year and a half.

Breeze Way / The entrance to the Dick Tracy Store

The front of the Dick Tracy Store

The Jessica's Store


For a full article on the Jessica's Store - CLICK HERE. For more on Pleasure Island, the Jessica Rabbit sign and the building, continue below.

The Comedy Warehouse, one of the clubs in Pleasure Island, sold a drink called Jessica's Secret. Many people believed that to be the name of her store, which in the end was only called Jessica's. It's unknown if Jessica's Secret was supposed to be the name of the store at one time, or if it had been changed early on.

1992 -

The Jessica's store became the Music Legends store, which sold autographs and other music and entertainment memorabilia. The Jessica neon sign stayed on the building for another few years.


This is the building that once housed the Jessica's store in Pleasure Island - now a smoking bar called Fuego by Sosa Cigars.


The old Jessica's store building is still standing in the Pleasure Island area of Downtown Disney and housing the Sosa Cigars lounge. Pleasure Island is getting a big makeover and the buildings across from this were completely walled off. It looks like the Sosa Cigars building should remain though.


The building which once housed the Jessica Rabbit store has now been completely removed as part of the new renovation to re-theme Pleasure Island into Disney Springs.

Pleasure Island Tonight Sign

1996 - 2006

Downtown Disney Marketplace


Jessica Rabbit shot glass / toothpick holders are still widely available in the Downtown Disney area.

The store Trends had various shirts, purses and other couture available of Disney Princesses and Villains. There was one small cut-out pasted to a display of Jessica, however there was no Jessica merchandise available. (Of note is the photo they used is from the Jessica Rabbit paper doll found on Deviantart.)

Hand drawn Jessica Rabbit prints were available in the Art of Disney Gallery.

The Jessica Rabbit big figure is still available at the Art of Disney Gallery store.

The Jessica's Store Video

Jessica's - Signature Store of a Toon Diva