Friday, April 1, 2011

Jessica Rabbit Merchandise Review #33 - Jessica's Store Glitter Keychain

Back between 1989 and 1992, Jessica Rabbit had her very own store located in the middle of Orlando's Pleasure Island. It was not open for very long and if you are at all a fan of Jessica, it's definitely worth it to collect ANY merchandise from that time - especially with the store logo on it. The Jessica's Store Glitter Keychain is one such item!

When the Jessica's store had its short days in Disney history, it was housed in the very center of Pleasure Island. You can read all about the history of the Jessica's Store, and about other merchandise available there - like the Jessica Rabbit Glitter Keychain. Other than some mugs from all the parks, and stationery from Tokyo Disneyland, there have not been many items of Jessica like this. Most things we get now are high end collectibles like statues. From this time forward, I don't think we have even seen another Jessica keychain.

There were two versions with this design. The first Small Jessica's Keychain I reviewed before was a two inch lucite keychain, and was double sided. This review is for the larger, glittered version. The keychain is about four inches and made of hard plastic. There is an enamel fill for the colors. Jessica is standing next to the logo for her store - as we can see called "Jessica's." It's outlined in black and the colors of the sign match the colors found in the store, light purple and some neon blue. The enamel tends to dip in certain areas, making some parts look less filled out. The colors are all correct, and the addition of the glitter fill for Jessica's dress makes it stand out so much better. But, I can't imagine this would hold up very well from daily use. The plastic feels a bit flimsy and the enamel is not really protected.

The Jessica's Store Glittered Keychain gets a 3½. There is such a great keychain, but there's no way it would be used for long without snapping, breaking or scratching. You can occasionally find it on eBay. It's well worth picking up for a few dollars.

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