Thursday, April 14, 2011

Jessica Rabbit Premium Format by Sideshow Collectibles

...should be coming soon!

Someone posted a question to Ask Sideshow on April 11th - and a big hint was given away:

I’m loving your animated Disney line. The Evil Queen and Hook are absolute home runs. Can you give a hint what might be next on the list? We want more!!

Some girls aren’t bad they’re just drawn that way. Some are always drawn to apples, juicy delicious and dangerous apples.

So with this juicy bit of information I think we can assume the next two Premium Format figures will be Jessica Rabbit and Snow White. There is no news on when we can expect them, but the San Diego Comic Con is in July so hopfully there will be more news around that time. The Sideshow Collectibles Premium Format line is well known for it's attention to detail and high quality with characters from Lord of the Rings, Star Wars and Marvel - so this could end up being possibly be one of the best Jessica Rabbit collectibles ever.

Stay Tooned!!!