Friday, July 22, 2016

The Beast And Gaston 17" Dolls Revealed

The next two dolls in the Beauty and the Beast Heirloom Collection have been revealed today. As it was heavily speculated with Belle in her "Something There" dress, The Beast is in his matching outfit. Gaston is wearing his fancy attire in which he tried to propose to Belle. The bigger surprise is that ALL three dolls will be available for pre-order at the same time.

For the first time ever, all single dolls in the 17 inch Heirloom Collection will be available for pre-order (August 2nd in stores and at midnight pacific time August 3rd). Since this has never been done before, people are a little nervous as to how well the website might be working, and if they are prepared to buy all three with such notice. If The Beast and Gaston had not been available until the release of the DVD, like with past dolls, it would have left some time for people to save some money.

The Belle doll is wearing her pink dress with cape that features gold embroidery, gems and rope tie. Belle is also holding a small white bird in her hand. She will be an LE 5,000 and sell for $119.

The Beast doll is wearing his matching outfit to Belle; a white long-sleeve shirt with full collar and brooch, deep-blue cape with gold embroidery and lined with an intricate royal red pattern, cummerbund and pants. He features a new head sculpt and has three different birds around him. He will be an LE 3,500 and sell for $119.

Gaston is admiring himself in his own special mirror. He's wearing a red tailcoat with gold embroidery on his lapel and cuffs. He wears a gold patterned vest underneath, long pants with buckle belt and faux leather boots. He features fully rooted hair (on his head, not his chest). He will be an LE 2,500 and sell for $119.

The Platinum Collection set, and the Heroes Vs. Villains Collection 2 series have yet to be revealed.