Monday, September 28, 2015

Jessica Rabbit Pin Of The Week - Mickey's All American Pin Quest Jessica

Title: Mickey's All American Pin Quest Jessica Rabbit
Released: July 17 2003 in the Disneyland Resort
Price: $8.50
Limited Edition: 2500

To celebrate Disneyland's Birthday in 2003 a special public pin even was held called Mickey's All American Pin Quest. Postcards for all the lands were given out, each one having a blank outline of a character. Certain shops in Disneyland sold the pin you needed. Jessica Rabbit's pin was sold in the Gag Factory in Toontown. The postcard reads "Greeting's from Mickey's Toontown" at the top. Roger Rabbit and Baby Herman are riding the red trolley. When the pin of Jessica is punched onto the card it looks like she is getting onto the trolley. The back of the card is white with Jessica's shape and the address of where to find the pin.