Thursday, July 2, 2015

Jasmine 17 Inch Doll Revealed

The new 17 Inch Limited Edition Heirloom Collection doll has be revealed, and as speculated it is Princess Jasmine from Aladdin. Her dress is altered from the one she wears in the movie, which is customary with most of the 17 Inch dolls in the line. Disney's own description:
"The beautifully-designed doll captures Princess Jasmine's exotic elegance in every exquisite detail."

Pre-sale for the doll has two different dates. It starts In Stores on Tuesday, August 4th and then on the Disney Store website Wednesday August 5th. They will retail for $119.95 in the US. The strong rumor around the internet is that there will be an Aladdin doll, and also a D23 Exclusive version of Jasmine as Jafar's Prisoner in her red outfit. There was speculation of a Jafar doll because there have been villains, but they have been female villains in the past, so its unsure if he will be released.