Saturday, July 18, 2015

Jessica Rabbit Pin Of The Day #198 - Free To Be Bad

Title: Free To Be Bad
Released: June 22 2006 on the Disney Auctions website
Price: $77.00
Limited Edition: 100

Jessica Rabbit salutes the troops with a tune while declaring we are "Free To Be Bad," or not bad as the case may be. Jessica is leaning against an iron girder that appears to be part of a ship since she is wearing a white sailors hat. She's holding a microphone and is also wearing a pink bracelet. She kicks up a leg with her dress flowing behind her. The bracelet she wears may be of a significance to the artist, as she was depicted in a few different pins with a colored bracelet. This pin was offered in the Free To Be set, with 25 sold separately and the remaining 75 pins as the set of 6. It was also offered as a one-of-a-kind Artist Proof set with gold, silver and black metals.