Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Frozen Gets A Designer Collection Style Shirt

There have been a lot of rumors and speculation about the 2015 Designer Collection ever since the 2013 Designer Fairytale Collection was revealed. People weren't sure if a second series of Fairytale dolls would be released in 2014, and, if they were, which direction would the line take in 2015 for the next D23 convention. Since we saw series 2 of the Fairytale Collection, people have kept their fingers crossed that 2015 would offer something exciting! A new shirt was spotted with Anna and Elsa from Frozen in a familiar style which may or may not offer a clue. Take a look...

Disney Lifestylers posted to their Facebook page a new shirt that was spotted by Instagram user RebelSong88. The blue shirt features Anna and Elsa drawn in a style very similar to that of the original 2011 Disney Princess Designer Collection. Anna wears a variation of her green ball gown, while Elsa wears her form-fitting blue dress with a slight modification. They definitely appear to have the "Designer Collection" quality, but with so many months to go before the D23 Convention, there's still no word on what this year's collection will be.