Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Jessica Rabbit Pin Of The Day #76 - St. Patrick's Day 2007 Mystery Set

Title: St. Patrick's Day 2007 Mystery Set
Released: February 26 2007 on the Disney Shopping website
Price: $39.95 a set
Limited Edition: 50

Jessica Rabbit is celebrating St. Patrick's Day in this Mystery Series pin set. Jessica is set against a round, gold background with a green glitter filled shamrock. Jessica is in short green shorts, hat, and a t-shirt that reads "Kiss Me I'm .." and a shamrock in place of the word "Irish." The set was a Limited Edition of 1000 and you received a selection of four out of eight possible characters.

The pins in the set were:
Jessica Rabbit LE 50
Tinker Bell LE 100
Stitch LE 200
Jack Skellington LE 450
Mickey Mouse LE 500
Dopey LE 800
Scrooge LE 900
Chip and Dale LE 1000