Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Roger Rabbit Giveaway Contest

As a Thank You for over 25 years of loving all things Roger Rabbit, and to announce his NEW TV series, the creator of Roger and Jessica Rabbit, Gary K. Wolf, will be giving away some great Roger Rabbit prizes.

To win, send an email to rogerrabbit@garywolf.com. In the subject line put Roger Giveaway. In the message, you have to answer this question:

If Roger and Jessica went to a costume party, what costumes would they wear?

One set of prizes will be awarded on August 16th, the other on August 30th. You only need to answer once to be entered in the contest. Don't delay! Start thinking about what fun, toony, wacky or scintillating costumes the most famous couple in Toontown would wear.

You'll want to be kept up-to-date by visiting his blog at GaryWolf.com where he will be posting all the updates and news on the contest.

You can also check out his video for more details - and to see what you will win: