Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Jessica Rabbit Couture de Force Statue Revealed

The newest staple of statues mixing Disney Leading Ladies and high fashion, the Couture de Force Collection, has added Jessica Rabbit to their recent series. The full turnaround of the statue has been revealed.

"Jessica Rabbit strikes a pose in this stunning NEW ensemble collection of highly detailed figurines embellished with haute couture and unique plussing elements. Faux gems, encrusted crystals and opalescent paint bring each sculpture to life."

The new photos show us all the embellishments to the piece. For this new statue Jessica is dressed quite different than we are used to seeing her. She's wearing a large rim hat with light purple ribbon, dark purple crystal and a white feather. The outside and underside of the hat are textured and the brim is a solid back trim. We can see one pearl drop earring, with the other side of Jessica's face still covered by her hair - which is full and wavy. The top part of her earring may have a crystal. Her light purple jacket has dramatic shoulders, dark purple lapel and cuffs and designs on the sleeve and hem. We can see some of her black lace-patterned top underneath. Her belt is glittered dark pink with red painted buckle surrounded by pearls. Her pinstripe dress has a thigh-lenght slit fastened by a dark painted button. Her dress is flowing open to show her dark stockings and red shoes with straps. Jessica is also carrying a gold purse with beaded strap and silhouette of Roger Rabbit.

This statue measures around eight inches in height and will sell for $70, not $65 as previously reported - though prices may fluctuate depending on the vendor. Other characters in the line are Elsa from Frozen, Cinderella Bride, Belle Bride, Minnie Mouse and Mickey Mouse. Originally listed for availability in December 2014, these are now listed for a January 2015 release. Previous releases include many of Disney's most famous Princesses and Villains, which are now available.

To see more, visit Enesco's Website.