Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Jessica Rabbit Store Floor Plan

The Jessica's store once stood in Pleasure Island for a very short time. The D23 Website states that it was opened on December 15th 1990. It was repurposed into the Music Legends store some time in mid 1992. It was located on the corner of Breeze Way and Chandler Row. The neon leg-swinging sign of Jessica became a fixture to the island for many years after the store had gone. There had always been very little information about the store available - for example a floor plan and merchandise layout. With the help of one brief video of the store, and my own memory, I have created a full interior layout of the Jessica Rabbit store, exclusive to ImNotBad.com.

Above you will see the top of the store, with slanted, windowed roof - and another without the roof for the interior layout. For numbered descriptions and a full merchandise layout, click below for a guided tour of the Jessica's store.

1) This giant, double-sided, neon Jessica Rabbit sign was iconic to Pleasure Island. Mark Marderosian created the artwork for the sign, and the Disney creative team added the touch of her swinging leg and pink sequins. Unlike when it was moved to the West End Stage to become part of the Pleasure Island Tonight sign, you were up close and personal with it when it was attached to the store. The sign lit up at night and had neon purple around its silhouette.

2) The Jessica's entrance sign was located directly below the large Jessica Rabbit sign, to the top left of the doorway. The sign was painted hot pink around the edges, and the sides with the neon sign teal blue. The blue sides had the actual neon sign which read "Jessica's" in a script handwriting style - which was known as Jessica's original signature. There was also a red neon kiss above her name. This signature was also used in most of the merchandise.

3) The entrance was all glass. More glass panels went from floor to ceiling in this area and gave the building a dramatic high-rise look. The rest of the building was a pleated metal painted light purple.

4) A round mirror with Jessica's signature in red hung on the wall above merchandise.

5) Jessica Rabbit suspenders, neckties and a Jessica Fashions line of lingerie were displayed in this area.

6) Various Jessica t-shirts were on display on a rack in the front of the store. In the numbered photo, it appears the Jessica shirt featuring an airbrushed look was on display at the time.

7) A replica of the light from the Ink and Paint Club was attached to the cash register.

8) Two cash resisters were in the store. This area was also used to display keychains, jewelry and other small items.

9) The display behind the cash register featured two animation cels from Who Framed Roger Rabbit, one of Benny the Cab, the other of Greasy Weasel. The Jessica Rabbit poster hangs next to them. On the shelf there were small display items on either side. Roger, Jessica and Baby Herman porcelain statues were on one side - on the other was a vase filled with red roses, Jessica Rabbit hart shaped mylar balloons, a small Roger Rabbit plush doll, two pink doll-size chairs and a miniature mannequin form displaying the Jessica Rabbit necktie.

10) Further above the cash register was a cardboard flat of Jessica Rabbit laying across her name. The only existing photo of this sign shows the portion of Jessica herself.

11) Castmembers Only! This employee backroom was hard for me to pinpoint. I knew it had to be behind the cash register, but I'd long forgotten where the door was - and there had been no photos to offer clues. Upon closer inspection, one single photo shows the edge of the door for the backroom and I soon remembered where it was located. This was probably also a stock room for merchandise, but what other secrets it held remain a mystery.

12) There was a small display of merchandise, tumbler cups, water bottles, bags, stationery and various other small items on this side wall.

13) A display stand which was filled on one side with potholders and aprons with the over-the-shoulder pose of Jessica, fanny packs of Jessica's signature and face, and tote bags with Roger and Jessica - and on the other Who Framed Roger Rabbit pins, Jessica license plates, magnets, Roger and Jessica postcards, shirts and jewelry boxes.

14) There was another small section in the back of the store with a few glass panels. This is where the Jessica Rabbit shower curtain was on display.

15) There was another entrance to the store, with another entrance sign directly outside.

16) A shirt rack with long sleeve, hooded shirts featuring Jessica and Roger.

17) This area appeared to be the main focus wall, displaying a Jessica logo shirt (bearing the same image as the t-shirt tags) in pink, white or black, Roger Rabbit shirts, "I'm not bad. I'm just drawn that way." shirts. "You don't know how hard it is being a woman looking the way I do." shirts. Polo shirts in pink, black, white or teal with a small embroidered Jessica face in a circle with her name. Jessica Rabbit backstage shirts. Jessica Rabbit hats - and more. The display above was a small pink hatbox with a sequined letter "J" and flowers.

18) A large teal door with black frame was set in a corner of the store. A glittered gold star was at the top of the door. "Jessica Rabbit" was written in the middle of the door. While it first appeared this was a non-functioning prop door, this may have also been the dressing room.

19) Several black and white stills from Who Framed Roger Rabbit were hanging on this wall (including Charles Fleischer in his rabbit costume.) There were also other famous stars from the 1940's.

20) The second focus wall on the opposite side with Jessica collage shirts, Jessica signature shirts, red, white and black Jessica signature crop tops and Jessica boxer shorts. The top display was a large gray hatbox with Jessica's sequined name and kiss, a framed picture of Roger Rabbit, a perfume bottle, flowers and two pink miniature mannequin forms.

21) Display with Jessica and Roger Rabbit shaped candy containers (Runts, cinnamon, M and M's, Skittles, Tart N Tiny). Jessica Rabbit mugs on one side - pens, posters and umbrellas on the other side.

22) Two t-shirt racks with Jessica signature black sweaters and Jessica signature women's embellished white t-shirts.

23) A small display case which showcased the Jessica Rabbit face watch, Jessica's store swinging leg watch and Jessica Wendy Gell Pins.

24) A life-size plush Roger Rabbit doll looked out the store window.