Thursday, May 29, 2014

Now Available - Jessica Rabbit Shoe Ornament

At long last Disney has created a Jessica Rabbit Shoe Christmas Ornament, which would appear to be part of their Runway Shoe Ornament Collection. The shoe ornaments and ear hat ornaments have become fairly popular, and are also made into pins. This shoe was found in Disneyland and has all the similar details as the shoe ornaments from previous years. The Jessica shoe ornament features glitter (which matches the color of Jessica's dress) on the toe box and counter, a pink heart on the topline with Jessica's signature, light purple sides (matching her gloves), a tan insole (Jessica's skin color), orange in the upper lining (matching her hair color), a Jessica Rabbit leg-shaped heel, and purple film strips serving as shoe straps. It's worth mentioning that while the signature is very close to Jessica's original one from her store, it is actually Jessica's park autograph from when she did the meet-and-greet during the Disney Dreamers Everywhere event. The other shoes in the series also have the park version of the characters signatures on the shoe arch. Take an up-close look at some more details.

I think the first alarming sight is that of Jessica's severed leg as the heel for the shoe. There is something a little unsettling about it - however, I'm reminded of the famous holiday movie A Christmas Story and that memorable leg lamp which has become really popular over the years. Maybe that acted as a little inspiration for this ornament? I'm sure there are other things they could have used - hearts for example, but it still looks like a great ornament and certainly retains its toony humor. The satin hanging ribbon is pink and is fitted with a lobster clasp so you can use this off the tree as well.

The outsole of the shoe is painted maroon (like Jessica's unsparkly dress) and has the artist signature. This ornament was made by Cody Reynolds, who has made other Jessica merchandise before - such as the Jessica Big Figure and Jinglin' Jessica Christmas Ornament. There is also the Disney Parks and Disney/Amblin stamp. Further up on the outside shank of the shoe is Jessica's signature again, in pink. This ornament, if like the others, is about 3 inches tall and selling for around $24. Other parks ornaments, such as these shoes, have been made available through the Disney Store website, but the Jessica shoe is not on the site as of yet. Other shoe ornaments in the series are Mulan, Anna and Elsa.