Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Jessica Rabbit Puzzle Concept Artwork

Have you seen all the Jessica Rabbit merchandise there is? How about some stuff that never got produced? Here you can see four fantastic puzzle concepts by Len Smith, all dated 1996. There was a Len Smith who worked on animation for Who Framed Roger Rabbit, and these may have been drawn by that same person. Jessica Rabbit merchandise was scarce in the mid 90's, and these puzzles were probably among many great merchandise ideas that were shelved. The first puzzle is from the climactic ending scene of Who Framed Roger Rabbit - with Roger and Jessica tied together as they face the dreaded Dipmobile.

The next one is Jessica on stage at the Ink and Paint Club. It's not the usual scene depicted of Jessica parting the curtain, but rather of her shimmying down the wall. Another end scene moment is used for the puzzle concept with Jessica giving Roger a big hug. Last we have a scene from one of the Roger Rabbit cartoon shorts, Roller Coaster Rabbit. Jessica Rabbit has been tied to the tracks by the dastardly - Droopy Dog!?

All the artwork is very character-accurate and looks beautiful. Jessica is definitely at her curvy best, and Len Smith didn't skimp on her at all - perhaps that had a little more to do with these not being made. Either way, it's sad that these puzzles didn't get created.