Tuesday, March 5, 2013

dollMAGEDDON Strikes Back

It was announced on Steve Thompson's Tumblr page that he will be attending the 2013 D23 Convention. The convention is held every other year and is packed full of Disney this and Disney that - park announcements, guest stars, panels, and upcoming merchandise. Thompson, the evil genius behind the Disney Designer Collection, stated:

"While it is still top secret what we have in store, I will again be attending this coming August. As soon as I can let you know more I will post it here on my Tumblr page first."

The post was accompanied by photos from the 2011 D23 Convention, in which his Designer Princess dolls caused mass hysteria, panic attacks and temporary loss of bladder control. Once the dolls made their way for sale on the Disney Store website months later, what occurred in the following weeks made history as dollMAGEDDON. A year later, 2012 offered up some of Disney's most memorable female Villains for the Designer line, and Disney tried to make amends for the previous year by producing a higher edition size of dolls - therefore eliminating a dollMAGEDDON repeat. While this new information doesn't confirm or deny a third Designer Collection, we are left knowing that something IS in store for this year.

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dollMAGEDDON - Designer Princesses

dollMAGEDDON 2 - Designer Villains