Saturday, March 30, 2013

Jessica Rabbit Or Ariel

Last June, a video was released giving people a Very brief look inside the Disney Store Headquarters. While the main focus of the video was about the newest Disney feature, Brave, sharp eyed observers were trying to spot any clues laying around that might be visible in the video. It was this video (and another image found on the Disney Store Blog taken during the filming) that lead someone to find the tiniest hint of the Lady Tremaine 17 inch doll. So I revisited this video to see if I could spot anything - anything at all. The video was fast and full of jump-cuts. It was hard to see much of anything. There was one shot that caught my attention. A Disney artist was sitting at his desk as the host of the video tore through the place, grabbing at anything that wasn't nailed down (wouldn't we all!) Pinned up on the board behind his computer was a sketch of a red haired - someone. Take a look for yourself. Could it be Ariel? Could it be Jessica? Could it simply be a sketch the artist created not intended for any merchandise purpose? Judge for yourself.