Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Pin Preview - Disney Soda Fountain April Pins

April is going to be a big month for Jessica Rabbit pins. Not only can we expect the Surprise April Calendar Pin - but a New jumbo series is coming. On April 6th at the Disney Soda Fountain, get ready for the Dancing Jessica Rabbit Jumbo Pins. The first is Jessica Rabbit Dancing Swing - with Roger! They are in 1950's style clothes. Jessica has on a pink poodle skirt and saddle shoes. Roger is in a black suit. The next pin is a real show stopper! If you ever wondered what Jessica Rabbit would look like if she made it on Dancing with the Stars - here's Jessica dancing the Paso Doble. Jessica is wearing a flowing, ballroom inspired black dress with red top - which appears might be filled with glitter for the final look. The last pin is Roger and Jessica Rabbit dancing the Waltz. Jessica is being "dipped" by Roger. She's wearing her usual pink dress which again might be glitter filled, though she is not wearing her purple gloves. The pins will be a Limited Edition of 300 and sell for $18.95 each.

The last pin is something quite interesting. There is a new Gumball Machine series featuring Russell from UP, Mickey and Minnie, Cheshire Cat, and Jessica Rabbit. The pins are shaped like a gumball machine, with the Soda Fountain logo at the top - and the character in the center. They are unique in that they will have a domed bubble that will be filled with fake little multi-colored gumballs. They will be released at the Disney Soda Fountain on April 20th, are a Limited Edition of 300, and sell for $14.95 each.