Thursday, February 14, 2013

Celebrating Ten Years Of Posting

I can't believe it has been Ten Years since I started posting about Jessica Rabbit. In 2003, I began a Jessica Yahoo Group just when her pins were first starting to pop up in the parks. Very soon I was quite busily reporting on all the newest releases and the steady flow of other merchandise like shirts, hats and mugs.

Since that time back on Valentines Day in 2003, I've never stopped reporting. After five great years on Yahoo I moved over to this site and started building in 2008, adding merchandise reviews - and have been lucky enough to be granted interviews by actual Disney artists to learn more about them, and also more about our favorite cartoon diva. Over the years, there have only been two other Jessica Rabbit websites that stand out in my mind. One of which was made back in 1995. I can't remember if there was an actual title to the site, but there was a lot of Jessica artwork and information there. The man who owned it also created his own art by altering existing Jessica Rabbit images, something that inspired me to do it also. It was probably ahead of it's time since the internet was still very much a new thing then, but it was undeniably the first. The other site was made years later, around 2003, called Jessica Rabbit's Black Piano. It was the first site to have actual screen shots of just about every bit of Jessica from the film. It also offered downloads, merchandise photos and fan art.

There are a lot of daily visitors to, which now has well over half a million page views. I'm so glad there are people still interested in the character so many years after Who Framed Roger Rabbit debuted almost 25 years ago, and I am happy to be bringing you the only Jessica Rabbit site on the internet. I thank everyone for visiting. Stay Tooned!

Here is a ten year look back at artwork, some of the front page news that was on the original Yahoo Group and various designs for

All archived posts from the Jessica Rabbit group are marked and can be found by CLICKING HERE.