Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Exclusive News - The Stooge Movie

There is some extra exciting, extra buzzworthy, extra special news to report today. I have it on good authority from the man himself, Gary K. Wolf, a new Disney/Pixar movie is being discussed called The Stooge, set to star Mickey Mouse - AND ROGER RABBIT!

For those not familiar with the premise to the original 1952 film of the same name, the comedy acting team of Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis join forces as a duo act - Martin playing more the straight man, and Lewis playing the comical stooge. This new version will follow that plot. According to Gary K. Wolf, "Mickey takes on the Dean Martin role, Roger, who is already regarded as a comic genius in France, takes the Jerry Lewis part. The film incorporates five specific locations from the Disneyland park. It also introduces the Toon Train, an exciting and interesting way to travel through Toontown."

Wolf shared some more details, exclusive only to ImNotBad.com, on the role Jessica Rabbit will play in the film, "It will show how Roger meets Jessica. In the movie Jessica and Minnie will have a singing, dancing sister act and we get to see Jessica Rabbit find her "look.""

It appears this is in development but it looks very promising. The idea of the movie is a great way to reintroduce Roger, while also including him with the big cheese, Mickey Mouse! Cross your fingers, 'cause this sounds great!