Saturday, January 5, 2013

Entire Roger Rabbit Collection For Sale

From the collection of Alain Dion comes the biggest Who Framed Roger Rabbit merchandise lot to be put up for sale. You may have seen his videos on YouTube, where he was interviewed years ago on his love of all things Roger. The time has come that he is looking for a buyer, with one small detail. He is looking for a local buyer in his area. So, if you live in Canada, and happen to be a die-hard Roger Rabbit fanatic, this might be your lucky day.

You can see the Roger Rabbit Sale listing here and contact him through that site, or send an email through if you are interested. There are shirts, towels, toys, photos, pins, and much more.

Here is a very small sampling of what is available:

Photos From the Alain Dion Collection

To see some more items which are part of this Who Framed Roger Rabbit collection, view his Flickr Page: Aldiakaroofus.