Thursday, January 3, 2013

The Road To Toontown eBook

Can't wait for the next Roger Rabbit novel? Need something to hold you over until then?! The Road To Toontown! by Gary K. Wolf includes a bunch of zany short stories which bring the beloved cartoon characters to life. Before the stories, he shares some insight on how he got the ideas for Roger & Jessica, and everything that leads up to writing Who Censored Roger Rabbit. After that, it's a deep delve into the world cartoons are made of... or the world made of cartoons?

Which famous human actors were really crossover toons (like Judge Doom was)? What holds Jessica Rabbit's dress up? How else did Roger and Jessica become wealthy besides the movie? You'll find out all of that and more in Here's Lookin' At You Babs, an in-depth "interview" of Roger Rabbit by Barbara Walters.

For Jessica Rabbit fans, there's definitely no disappointments. Jessica not only has her own story, but it is written by her (with a little help from Gary Wolf, naturally.) Jessica had been the top diva in the business, until three new girls stole the spotlight. Who could they possibly be? The original actresses from the TV show Charmed. That's right - Shannen Doherty, Holly Combs and Alyssa Milano. Jessica is working as a journalist and is out to get the skinny on the bewitching beauties in Which Witch Is Which. What is Jessica's middle name? Which lingerie does Jessica wear? What's her opinion of these girls? How do Oprah and Maleficent fit into all of this?

Fifteen different stories await, full of fun-filled twists and turns. Start your engine and navigate the creative high roads, low roads, back roads, twisty roads, dirt roads, and dark alleys that eventually lead to Toontown. Buy the Kindle edition of The Road To Toontown by Gary K. Wolf now!! - CLICK HERE