Tuesday, May 23, 2023

Roger Rabbit ReAction Figures Wave 2 By Super7 Coming Soon

Super7 revealed their first Who Framed Roger Rabbit ReAction Figures over a year ago. This was a surprise to many as it had been nearly 35 years with no action figures of these characters made. There seemed to be a good deal of success with the first wave of 5 figures (Roger, Jessica, Judge Doom and two weasels) which prompted a second offering. Let's take a look...

One thing always lacking for Who Framed Roger Rabbit was a series of action figures. Four characters were released in 1988 and six characters were made into larger bendy figures as well. Since then, they were the only figures ever made. Super7 somehow managed to do the impossible by bringing us an all new series of figures in February of 2022 - you can read and watch my full review HERE. While the 5 figure were a great assortment, many people were clamoring for Eddie and more weasels. Now, with the reveal of Roger Rabbit Wave 2 we finally get the grumpy private eye. Also in the series is Psycho weasel. This is the first time the character has ever been made into a figure. There are two variants in the wave - Roger Rabbit in Love (complete with heart shaped ears and eyes) and a Toon version of Judge Doom (not pictured here).

The wave is scheduled to be released some time in the summer through Super7.