Sunday, November 5, 2017

Jessica Rabbit Custom Doll By David Bocci

A new Jessica Rabbit custom doll has shown up on Flickr. This particular doll is made by David Bocci (Refugio Rosa). Jessica has a very realistic look with all her familiar signature qualities - purple eyeshadow, bright orange hair and a fully sequined gown. A Mattel doll was used as the base and the transformation is stunning. It's been quite a long time since we've gotten any official Jessica Rabbit dolls, and altogether there have only been two ever made. Some of the beautiful customs fill the void in what should be a given for a character that should have a few more dolls made. Let's take a look at this amazing custom...

This beautiful custom brings Jessica Rabbit to life in doll form expertly. The face has been repainted with great talent, managing to capture Jessica's essence while giving it a new style fit more for a Mattel doll. The hair has been fully rerooted by Gema Trenado Requena. It's styled to match that of Jessica, covering one eye, but adding nice volume and flow. The gown is fully sequined in red and ends in a dramatic train, while keeping the slit on one side to show some leg. The bust has a see-through mesh with gems affixed to give it an even more dramatic look, as if painted on. Her ears are pierced and she's finished with her signature lavender gloves. To add to the display she has her own microphone.

To see more photos of custom work by David Bocci you can visit his Flickr page.