Monday, October 13, 2014

13 Jessica Rabbit Halloween Pins #13

Title: Jessica Rabbit Halloween Costume Jumbo Series 2007
Released: October 8 2007 on Disney's Website
Price: $14.95 each
Limited Edition: 250 each

LISTEN WELL, I'M JUST DRWAN THAT WAY! Unlike Jessica Rabbit Halloween pins before 2007, the pins in this series were jumbo sized - and it was the first year that Jessica got to dress as some of Disney's most memorable characters. I did manage to get Jessica Rabbit as Maleficent the day it was released. How I got it I don't know, but it's now THE most sought after Jessica Halloween pin, and Maleficent has become a very popular Disney character. Ending the 13 Creepy, Kooky, Spooky Jessica Rabbit Halloween Pins countdown is Jessica Rabbit as Maleficent. She is fully dressed as the evil fairy from Sleeping Beauty. This is a great pin and I never thought Jessica could make Maleficent look so good! She's decked out in the full black and purple costume, horns and magic staff. This pin did sell out fast the same day.