Thursday, June 19, 2014

Happy 60th Birthday Kathleen Turner

The speaking voice of Jessica Rabbit, Kathleen Turner, is celebrating her 60th Birthday today. Her voice originally went uncredited for Who Framed Roger Rabbit, but the familiar tone of that memorable voice didn't stay a secret, especially with her prior work with director Robert Zemeckis. (Photo via

In her original interview about the film, she decried what was needed for the role, and a little bit on her motivation for playing the part:

For Jessica Rabbit, the filmmakers needed a voice that would match their vision of her, that of a sexy screen goddess of the 40s. Who better than Kathleen Turner.

Kathleen Turner:
I think that Jessica and Roger Rabbit work so well because they are such opposites.

To me what's funny is the contrast of the reality of her, and the wimpishness of this rabbit. It's like, how are these two attracted to each other?

They gave me a kind of a sketch, an idea that [Jessica] would be red haired, a Veronica Lake kind of style and very-very-very slinky. They just said they wanted the most sultry voice I could come up with.

I guess I'm sort of attracted to vamps, and this is a very safe vamp. I mean, it's only the voice, you know, so I can't really be blamed for this one.

An idea of a fantasy world just around the corner through a tunnel; I love it. I would love to think that outside of L.A. past all the freeways there really is this happy place.