Saturday, June 14, 2014

Coming Soon - Jessica Rabbit Couture de Force Statue

I first reported on Enesco's new Couture de Force Collection in the spring of 2013. From all the descriptions it appeared their focus for the series was that of the famous Disney Princesses and Villains like Cinderella, Snow White, Maleficent, Cruella and The Evil Queen. Looking at the details and inspiration of the statues, I thought this series would be a perfect fit for Jessica Rabbit. It is not often Jessica is included in any kind of series or set which is not pin related - but it looks like it's actually going to happen!

"Jessica Rabbit strikes a pose in this stunning NEW ensemble collection of highly detailed figurines embellished with haute couture and unique plussing elements. Faux gems, encrusted crystals and opalescent paint bring each sculpture to life."

As you will notice, Jessica is dressed very differently than we are used to seeing, but it's a very nice change to see her wearing something new. Her outfit still fits the time period of the 1940's - complete with a hat, light purple jacket, and pinstripe dress. She's also holding a gold purse with Roger's outline on it. It is not clear what embellishments will be where for the Jessica Rabbit statue, but you can see from the production artwork there is a feather in her hat with a purple jewel. The Jessica statue measures around eight inches in height. Other characters in the line are Elsa from Frozen, Cinderella Bride, Belle Bride, Minnie and Mickey Mouse. Each statue is $65 and scheduled for release in December 2014. Previous releases include many of Disney's most famous Princesses and Villains, which are now available.

To see more at Enesco's website - CLICK HERE