Sunday, March 16, 2014

Pin Release - Disney Couples Mystery Collection Jessica And Roger

There was a new "reveal/conceal" pin series released in Disney Parks on Thursday, March 13 2014. The Disney Couples Mystery Collection features some of Disney's most beloved couples. Each pack comes with two pins. The revealed pin showing through the package is one of eight Disney royal couples. The remaining eight are hidden and packed at random, so you don't know which couple you will get. One couple is Jessica and Roger Rabbit. The pins are shaped like a large diamond ring. The diamond at the top is filled clear. There are two "diamond" jewels on either side. The gold band is the perimeter of the pin with the couple in the center. Jessica and Roger are standing close together and gazing at each other. The background is a marbleized red. Though the edition size is unknown, the back of the pin is stamped "Limited Release."