Thursday, September 5, 2013

Pin Release - Jessica September Calendar

The surprise Jessica Rabbit September Calendar pin was released on September 5, 2013 at the Disney Soda Fountain and Studio Store. A quarter shot of Jessica is on the front of the calendar. The background this time is a green glitter fill. Jessica's signature and "2013" are there as usual. The inside of the pin when opened shows Jessica Rabbit dressed as a teacher, holding a book in one hand and a ruler in the other. She's wearing a white shirt and long black dress. The letters of the alphabet are around her. The background behind Jessica is a giant red apple, surrounded by green glitter fill. The bottom half has the month of September printed on, the days of the week, and the full dates for the month - made like an actual calendar, though no special markings this time with no major holidays in September. They sold for $16.95 each and are a Limited Edition of 300.