Thursday, April 25, 2013

Jessica Rabbit Merchandise Review #61 - Drawn To Coffee Tumbler Mug

The best part of waking up... is Jessica Rabbit on your cup!

The Jessica Rabbit I'm Not Bad.. I'm Just Drawn To Chocolate must have either been a hit, or someone was really reaching for more to just be "drawn" to. The phrase can be cute and catchy when changing Jessica's famous line from the movie to match whatever might be the selling point. First being the chocolate, and next was coffee. The two definitely have a lot in common, as people usually can't get enough of either. Unlike the chocolate review, this is not a review for actual coffee, but a tumbler mug which was released in early 2012.

Jessica Rabbit's image had been splashed across quite a few things over the recent years - this time Disney was sticking with the same image for a while. This image of Jessica does happen to be a great one, so there's no complaints there. It would have simply been nice to see a new one. The image is the same here as it was on her Chocolates box - a facing forward, side-eyed glance and smirk. The image of her is on the "front" and the back has the slogan, I'm not bad... I'm just drawn to coffee," with a pink paintbrush-style heart around it. The whole background of the mug is a light tan color, with several coffee cups darted around - as well as the words cappuccino, coffee, latte, mocha and espresso.

The cup is a sturdy ceramic, about seven inches in hight, with a cream colored rubber lid that fits securely and completely around the rim. These cup designs are made to try and keep your hot beverage hotter, longer. There is also a cream colored rubber plug at the bottom of the cup. From what I understand about ceramic mugs is the plug must be there to allow for pressurization when the hot liquid is poured into the cool cup - the plug keeps the mug from cracking. The Jessica Rabbit Coffee Tumblers had been available throughout that whole year and may still be at certain Disney park locations.

The Jessica Rabbit I'm Not Bad, I'm Just Drawn To Coffee Tumbler Mug gets a 4. It's nicely designed with bright, vibrant colors - but couldn't they have used a DIFFERENT image of Jessica?