Sunday, April 21, 2013

Pin Release - Gumball Machine Jessica

Released on Saturday, April 20th, at the Disney Soda Fountain was the new Gumball Machine pin series. The characters in the series were Russell from UP, Cheshire Cat, Mickey & Minnie and Jessica Rabbit. The pins are shaped like a gumball machine, with the Soda Fountain logo at the top - and the character in the center. They each have a domed bubble filled with fake little multi-colored gumballs. They are a Limited Edition of 300, and sold for $14.95 each. People have begun lining up outside the Soda Fountain store at all hours of the night hoping to get these releases - since that is the only location releasing new low edition pins. Disney Soda Fountain has been trying to remedy this problem with giving out wristbands to guests prior to a release, and have also been asking people not to line up outside too early. This all seems not to be working and people are hoping for a better solution, especially since these releases are only attainable by people who live near this store.