Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Shanghai Animation and Comics Museum

In 2010, a shiny, futuristic museum opened paying homage to magic and artistry of animation and comics. Don't go rushing out the door just yet though, this museum is located in Shanghai, China.

Information from around the web describes: "The first floor is an entrancing guide to animation’s history, from Chinese shadow puppets to Mickey Mouse. It's interspersed with life-size figurines, short film clips and a hall of movie posters. The second-floor is kid-friendly and commercial -- you can even dub your voice into popular cartoon flicks.

This three-story animation museum offers interactive exhibits where families and adults can design short animation films, from the first drawings to putting the graphic stills in motion on state-of-the-art computers. The first floor houses a 7,000 piece collection of priceless cartoon stills and life-size models of animation icons from films like "Avatar", "Transformers" and "The Incredibles". The third floor has a 3D movie theater to view guests' in-house designs on the big-screen."

Who Framed Roger Rabbit has it's own small section in the museum - complete with statues of Roger and Jessica out on display and the movie playing on a flat screen TV. This is the kind of museum we need in the U.S.