Monday, May 28, 2012

Pin Release - Jessica Rabbit Postcard and Pin Set

A new surprise pin was release at the Disney Soda Fountain store on May 23rd. The Jessica Rabbit Postcard and Pin Set is certainly the first of it's kind. There is a Jessica Rabbit pin - Jessica is standing in front of a large, star with pink glitter fill and her name - and also a postcard that it comes attached to. The card is artwork of the El Capitan theater and it reads "Hollywood California" at the bottom. You might notice that the pose of Jessica for the pin was taken right from the very end of the Who Framed Roger Rabbit movie.

The back of the card also features artwork as well. There is an image of Jessica Rabbit outlined in purple to the left of the card. It is the same pose as the pin. There is the Soda Fountain logo at the top, and also Disney/Amblin at the bottom. There are lines for an address and room to write, just like an actual postcard. The card looks to be a little bigger than a standard 4x6 postcard - as there is a perforated right side that you can tear off which has Jessica's name in a star and the Soda Fountain Store logo again. From what I understand, this is NOT a limited edition pin, and is selling for $11.95 each at the Soda Fountain store.