Monday, December 5, 2011

Disney On Ice Show With Jessica Rabbit

According to The Disney Wiki, Roger Rabbit made a guest appearances in two of the Disney on Ice shows. During his first appearance at the Walt Disney World on Ice: 10th Anniversary show in 1991, Roger helps Scrooge McDuck find Huey, Dewey and Louie who all disappeared when a time machine wreaks havoc. Feeling bad for Scrooge, Roger brings him to Eddie Valiant's office. Roger and Eddie try to cheer up Scrooge by telling him jokes, but it does not seem to work. Then Jessica Rabbit joins in!

Jessica is the only one to cheer up Scrooge by telling some jokes and he thanks them all for their help. This would mark the first official Disney live appearance as someone dressed as Jessica Rabbit. I don't know what the live version of Jessica looks like because I cannot find any photos to back up the story. There is one of Roger and Eddie. You can see they are wearing ice skates and it would have had to be part of one of the On Ice shows.

If anyone has photos or information about this one-and-only live Jessica Rabbit appearance, please send it over. A photo has been found - click here.