Friday, September 30, 2011

Jessica Rabbit Paper Pal

Have you ever wanted a paper doll of a certain character or celebrity who you idolize? Thanks to talented artist, Izabela "Izzy" Stafford, now is your chance to have your very own Paper Pal.

Izzy has been selling her Paper Pals on Etsy for a while now, creating such fun and memorable characters as Mrs. White from the movie Clue, Dr. Frank-N-Furter from Rocky Horror Picture Show, and even the entire cast from the TV show Lost.

These are no simple, ordinary paper dolls. Izzy has added joints to all her characters. Giving them movable arms, legs and heads.

Izzy also does commission work, and when I asked if she could create a Jessica Rabbit Paper Pal, she enthusiastically said yes. When it finally arrived, it was obvious how much time and care Izzy put into it. The Paper Pal actually comes packaged. Even this detail is wonderfully done. The doll is in a clear plastic sleeve and there is a Paper Pal logo card attached to the top. Not only that, but each character doll will have it's name right on the front. The Jessica Rabbit Paper Pal is fantastic. The joint pins match the color of the surrounding area. Jessica has a bit more articulation - at the elbows, hips and knees - allowing for a variety of sultry, toon-diva poses.

If you can't think of a character you would like created, how about yourself?! Izzy will even create a Paper Pal of YOU, or someone you know. A Paper Pal would make an great gift, so check out Izzy's work and order your Paper Pal today.

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