Monday, June 13, 2011

Jessica Rabbit Pin News

Finally there are some Jessica Rabbit pins showing up, although their availability is quite limited. First is the Disneyland Paris Jessica Rabbit Jumbo. It was available on their pin trading night at the Hotel Santa Fé on May 27, 2011 and sold for €39.95. It is a limited edition of 400 and there are glitter and glow elements on this pin. It's quite rare and has not shown up much on ebay since its release. There are no measurements for the pin yet but it is noted as being pretty heavy.

Next we have a Train Pin Set. Finally Jessica shows up on after a long absence. However, this set is not available to everyone. You can only buy it if you are a member of the D23 Club. This requires a membership and yearly fee to join the club - which seems to be a sort of Disney fan club of sorts, giving discounts and exclusive pins like this particular set. Interestingly, most train sets so far have the train facing left to right - with the first car to the far left. This pin is moving in the opposite direction - with Mickey to the right in the first car. He's followed by Jessica, who is laying out on what looks like a teal, pink and purple couch - showing a lot of leg of course and looking more seductive that she ever has on a pin before. The other characters are Tinker Bell, Chip & Dale, and Stitch. Each pin also has a jewel element on the train wheels.

Disney Soda Fountain Studio Store in California is offering an LE 300 pin of Jessica Rabbit on stage with Roger playing the sax. This pin will only be available in the Soda Fountain Studio store beginning on June 18th.