Wednesday, February 22, 2017

A Tribute To Tom Tumbusch And Tomart's Publications

Anyone who has been a toy collector or Disney fan will know Tomart's Magazines very well. When bookstores were prevalent and the internet was still in its early days, you relied heavily on these publications for the latest news on figures, statues, events and where to buy antique toys. The owner of Tomart's Publications, Tom Tumbusch, passed away in July of 2016. He's regarded as a pioneer in Disney History research and for many years his magazines were used as the best sources of information on toys, collections and more. Let's take a small look at the man who brought together legions of Disney fans and collectors alike in a very big way. (Photo by Gary Cruise)

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Custom Jessica Rabbit Barbie

For a brief time there is an amazing Jessica Rabbit custom doll on eBay and it's quite the conversation piece. Taking inspiration from the Jessica Rabbit Mattel doll (released in 1999), this Barbie is made over to look like the cartoon siren of Toontown herself! While we still sit and wait for Disney to make a brand new version of Jessica in ANY type of doll form, take a look at this a one-of-a-kind custom that will have you panting like the patrons at the Ink and Paint Club.

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Coming Soon - Roger Rabbit And Benny The Cab Britto Statues

Scheduled for Summer 2017 there will be two new Roger Rabbit characters added into the Romero Britto Collection. In 2013 a Jessica Rabbit bust was added to the catalog of Disney characters recreated in Britto's bright, bold style. Joining the list of Disney characters such as the Little Mermaid, Tinker Bell and Mickey Mouse, Jessica was later released as a full statue in 2016. This summer Benny the Cab and Roger Rabbit himself will be added to the collection, with the same signature graffiti style and cubist patterns. Roger will sell for $44.99. He stands at 6¾ inches tall and will feature one gold glittered glove. Benny will sell for $54.99. He will be 7 inches front to back and 3¼ inches tall. They are scheduled to be released some time in July 2017.

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Pin Preview - Roger Rabbit Disney Store Anniversary

A new pin series will be released in celebration of the Disney Store's 30th Anniversary! Three pins be released in-store beginning on Saturday, January 28th (on-line Sunday, January 29th) with more pins released each following Saturday through April 1st. The pins will celebrate a year, with a movie character pin marking that time. In the first assortment we get a new Roger Rabbit pin celebrating 1988. Roger is coming out of a portable hole that is in a brick wall. All three pins are sold on one card, so you purchase all of them for $19.95. Most Disney Store locations are doing a raffle for the set and are getting limited quantities. You can see the full pin series to be released at

Disney Store 30th Anniversary Limited Release Pin Set - Week 1 of 10 is now Sold Out online

Monday, January 23, 2017

The Marvelously Marketable Miss Mindy - Statue Series Coming Soon

Back in 2013 a new artist quickly got my attention with her unique style and signature character designs. I knew from her skillful technique and playful approach that she was going to be noticed and get a sprinkling of fairy dust that makes wishes come true. Scheduled to be released the Summer of 2017 will be The World of Miss Mindy statues, all created in her colorful flair.

Monday, January 2, 2017

Pin Preview: Roger And Jessica Rabbit Cast Exclusive Lanyard

A new Roger and Jessica Rabbit lanyard has been previewed for release this year and will be a Cast Exclusive. The lanyard is schedule for release in February and it's not known yet if the images pictured are the medallion for the lanyard or if it is one of the pins that will be included. Roger and Jessica are surrounded by hearts, with Roger gazing lovingly at Jessica. There will be a new lanyard design released each month through all of 2017.