Monday, September 1, 2014

Roller Coaster Jessica Rabbit Standees

Make it blue - or make it pink? This amazing Jessica Rabbit standee from Suspended Animation NY is available in two different colors so you can choose whichever one you like more. The art is based on the Electric Tiki Maquette of Jessica Rabbit's concept costume for Roller Coaster Rabbit. Now you can have a 24 inch standee of this great art. These are hand made and took quite a lot of time and detail to make them perfect. Check them out now!

Saturday, August 30, 2014

The Disney Designer Fairytale Collection Two Release Dates

The Disney Designer Fairytale Collection release is here. It will begin with a chance to purchase all five dolls at once, then starting September 23rd, the dolls are available as couple sets.

The Disney Fairytale Designer Collection Series Two includes Tiana and Naveen; Pocahontas and John Smith; Cinderella and Prince Charming; Mulan and Li Shang; and Aurora and Prince Philip. Some of the special detailing to each of the dolls includes embroidered bodices, rhinestone accents, golden buttons and satin gowns with ornate prints. Each doll measures 11.5 inches tall and every couple will come in their special display case, with slip cover and Certificate of Authenticity. They will be a Limited Edition of 6,000 each, the Doll Sets will sell for for $129.95.

You can also find out more information and see other merchandise on Disney's The Buzz Blog.

The entire set of dolls will be available on Tuesday, September 2, for $649.75. This is the only opportunity to get all five couples at once. If you buy the entire set, it will be delivered the week of October 21.

Designer Fairytale Doll Collection Release Dates – North America and Canada

Tiana Doll Set – available in Stores September 23 | online September 24

Pocahontas Doll Set – available in Stores September 30 | online October 1

Cinderella Doll Set – available in Stores October 7 | online October 8

Mulan Doll Set – available in Stores October 14 | online October 15

Aurora Doll Set – available in Stores October 21 | online October 22

Friday, August 29, 2014

Flashback Friday - Jessica Rabbit Movie Star Jumbo Pin

This IS it - the Jessica Rabbit pin dubbed the Holy Grail of all Jessica Rabbit pins before it even was released, and it actually was Never officially released. 100 of these pins were up for auction and suddenly were lost. They surfaced two years later Very briefly on the Disney Store website - much to the original auction winners dismay. Read all about this most infamous Jessica Rabbit pin: - A Jessica Rabbit Site: Jessica Rabbit Merchandise Review #35 - Movie Star Jumbo

Thursday, August 28, 2014

New Custom Jessica Rabbit Standee

Suspended Animation NY has created another fantastic standee of Jessica Rabbit - this time standing at an impressive 46 inches - hand drawn, hand painted and made of ½ thick wood. Check out the listing on Etsy now! Here's your opportunity to own a unique piece of everyone's favorite Toontown diva. You will also want to take a look at the Store for trinket boxes, wreaths and standees of characters like Anna, Elsa, Mickey, Minnie and Ariel.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Are Fake Jessica Rabbit Football Pins Surfacing

While searching through Jessica Rabbit Football pins, I noticed that many of the pins had different qualities to one another, leading me to compare them and see if there could possibly be fake pins already showing up from this very recently released series. The pin to the far right is the possible original, it has clean lines, clean metal and sharper details. The pin in the middle and left are definitely in question. You can see the detail to the mouth, earring, nose, eye, eyebrow and hairline are all flat and have a lot more metal in the way. This is normally a sign of a fake pin - but, this series was so newly released that I'm not sure how they would have been faked already. The pins in questions could very well be legit, but with their quality being much more poor. Either way, these are common signs of fakes so remember to be very careful when buying and trading pins online.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Jessica Rabbit Movie Moment Monday - Jessica And Roger

Roger and Jessica Rabbit are one of the most unique cartoon couples in history - with Jessica being a tall, curvaceous bombshell and Roger being a floppy-eared rabbit. Though their time together on-screen was short, the movie was still a hit with its smooth combination of live-action and cartoon characters. This Movie Moment Monday is simply - the end, all of it. Roger and Jessica finally together in one frame! We get the more iconic imagery of the film by the end, with Roger and Jessica tied together in the Acme Factory awaiting their fate. The movie isn't where it all really began. Roger and Jessica had a fairly different relationship prior to Who Framed Roger Rabbit, and their origins go back to the early 80's from the book Who Censored Roger Rabbit? by author Gary K. Wolf. So, in order to have had their small movie moment together, we do have to refer to the book.

Friday, August 22, 2014

Flashback Friday - Jessica Rabbit Medicom Statue

In 2002, the Medicom Toy company created very movie accurate Vinyl Collectible Figures of Roger Rabbit and Benny the Cab. Medicom had been releasing various Disney characters in the previous years, and all of them were only available in Japan. Jessica Rabbit was soon made and it was one of the first accurate statues of her. Take a look at this fantastic piece: - A Jessica Rabbit Site: Jessica Rabbit Merchandise Review #5 - Medicom Vinyl Statue.