Monday, July 10, 2023

Coming Soon - Super7 Judge Doom And Roger Rabbit SDCC Exclusive ReAction Figure Set

NOW AVAILABLE - Shop using my Affiliate Link. There have been a lot of San Diego Comic-Con reveals over the last few days and we just got a look at Super7's Exclusive set with Toon Judge Doom and scared Roger Rabbit. These will come in special packaging to look like the props and boxes in the Acme warehouse. Let's take a closer look...

Comic-Con finally returns after three years and I had a feeling this one was going to have a lot to offer. Super7 recently revealed Wave 2 of their Roger Rabbit ReAction Figures, offering two new characters and the first variant of Roger. With SDCC around the corner, it seemed possible that there would be an exclusive of sorts, and it turned out to be the rumored Toon Doom.

This set includes a variant Judge Doom with his crazed Toon head - a pair of burning red eyes and an open mouth. The Roger with this set is a scared expression, with his eyes bugging out and his mouth in a wide open scream.

This set will come packaged in boxes that replicate the pops and gags found in the Acme warehouse. It's even stamped with the logo that can be seen in the movie. There's colorful toon lettering and the inside backdrop are hypnotic swirls.

They are now available through the Super7 Website. Use my Affiliate Link any time you purchase. (I receive a commission on sales at no extra cost to you.)