Sunday, August 12, 2018

Order Disney Pins Online

There is a fantastic website called My Disney Shop where you can order pins and merchandise from the parks! Many people have been asking about the Who Framed Roger Rabbit 30th Anniversary series, and if you can't get to the parks then you're in luck. Go over to My Disney Shop to pre-order today! The Roger Rabbit and Walt Sent Me! pins are listed in the links below. The Jumbo pin is not at the moment because the prince is not yet known but will be on the day of release. If pins aren't your thing, they have hats, keychains, notebooks, and toys. If you are ever on the search for park merchandise, keep their website handy.

Roger Rabbit 30th Anniversary Pin

Roger Rabbit 30th Anniversary Walt Sent Me! Pin

Roger Rabbit 30th Anniversary Jumbo Pin

My Disney Shop Website